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union in times of crisis

The Coronavirus (COVID -19) has closed the planet and our economies are on hiatus. This has created uncertainty and confusion, since due to the structure of our health systems and economies, the most vulnerable communities will suffer the greatest impact.

The structural deficiencies of our systems today call us to consider new solutions to mitigate the great damage caused by the spread of the virus. We are experiencing the beginning of a new era that forces us to belong to a more integrated international system.



1. There is a need to unite all the brilliant minds of Latin America. This global crisis urges our peoples to unite in search of punctual, effective and efficient solutions that can respond to this planetary emergency.


2. The crisis will be more severe in regions like ours, since even our systems need to transform to manage an outbreak of such magnitude.


3. By nature, Latin America has highly productive human resources - which must be integrated into solutions to this crisis and its remnants.



4. Our teams are researching, designing and developing a solution based on artificial intelligence models (Machine Learning) to help the authorities and health systems to improve the management of this crisis.


5. We are working on developing an AI-based conversation interface to analyze text. The platform serves to contain the spread of the virus and communicate in real time through direct lines (SMS) and/or a smart application (app). The deployment of this platform will help authorities and health systems to manage the global pandemic through properly mined data sets. Interactive communication between users (browsers) and a server facilitates data extraction and an end-to-end encrypted channel that protects privacy. This solution informs citizens and engages in two-way conversation to generate a data warehouse that serves multiple training purposes.


6. We have designed the solution and will develop this via a distributed DevOps team while training local talent in LATAM, with our Inter-American Network of Artificial Intelligence Laboratories.

aI diplomacy

Ai Diplomacy.png

7. We consider this to be the beginning of a new international collaboration system based on the exchange of data and information to coordinate global actions and respond to the growing challenges of an interconnected society.

8. The Artificial Intelligence Diplomacy (AI Diplomacy) is in charge of reaching international agreements to promote development initiatives that respond to this crisis and future threats to the international community.


9. We are an integral part of global decisions. To prosper, Latin America must be a development agent and offer its own solutions. Therefore, we call on all Latin Americans to participate in this initiative. Help us build the future you deserve. Offer your skills:

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