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Latam 4.0


Artificial Intelligence Regional Ecosystem

Now is the time for you to join the first coalition for the development of Artificial Intelligence for Latin America. By joining, you can enjoy the following benefits, both individually and for your organization:


1. Access to resources and knowledge: By joining our AI coalition, you, your country and your organization gain access to valuable resources and knowledge that can help improve your AI skills and knowledge, as well as opportunities for collaboration and joint growth for your organization.

2. Networking Opportunities: Joining our coalition offers networking opportunities to meet other professionals and industry experts, establish valuable connections and future collaborations, and thus advance Industry 4.0.


3. Participation in innovation projects: Our coalition works on projects to help improve the skills and experience of our people, and can help your organization to acquire new knowledge and skills in the field of artificial intelligence, which can lead to improvements in the processes, products and services offered.


4. Entrance to the transformation for the common good: By joining our coalition, you contribute along with other leaders to the advancement of Latin America by working on projects that have a significant impact on our society and our people for the future.


5. Increased Business Opportunity: By joining our coalition, you will have access to a network of contacts that can generate business opportunities and collaboration in the field of artificial intelligence, which can fuel the growth and success of your organization in the new economy and new markets.


6. Greater visibility and recognition: Participating in our coalition helps you increase the visibility and recognition of your organization by being part of the development of solutions that are leading the new industrial era in Latin America. This can be beneficial for your career and professional reputation.

If not now, when?


Join our coalition and be part of the transformation of Latin America in the age of artificial intelligence that is now!​

Latin America can lead the transition towards the Fourth Industrial Revolution thanks to its resources and potential in AI

Latin America has all the resources to ensure a solid and structured transition to the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The region has all the capabilities to harness the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the brain of all future systems:
1. Abundant Data;
2. Innovative Entrepreneurs;
3. Artificial Intelligence & Data Scientists;
4. Public policy favorable to artificial intelligence.

International coalition for regional cooperation

LATAM 4.0 is a multisectoral alliance of governments, industries, academic institutions, and civil society organizations that brings together the main regional actors to develop the Latin American artificial intelligence ecosystem and deploy international agreements. This initiative encourages the implementation of the first Regional Artificial Intelligence Strategy in Latin America to include the region in the global development of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and ensure industrial competitiveness and an equitable future. By joining LATAM 4.0, member countries gain autonomy and decisive power in the new digital economy, and manage to convert their people into developers and not just users.

Through a network of regional next-generation AI R&D laboratories, LATAM 4.0 focuses on the deployment of artificial intelligence systems - promoting the inclusion of our people in the development of a future in which Latin America converges with the design of new models. Through a series of multisectoral initiatives, this coalition manages to coordinate regional actions that open space for strategic alliances for the development of knowledge, machine learning and the incubation of exponential technologies.
This platform lays the foundations for the construction of a new international system based on cooperation around science, technology and regional integration; mainly through the exchange of information in real time. This allows creating the institutional fabric required to coordinate regional actions that provide answers to the most urgent problems of our times.
















 intelligent digital transformation

Preparing the right path for the new systems that are emerging is essential for Latin America to prosper in this new era. LATAM 4.0 acts on the mapping and implementation of solutions to different global threats, to alleviate the burden of the current crisis and prepare the response oriented towards the Intelligent Transformation of our countries.


The current crisis obstructs the Latin American path towards the preparation our systems require to be included in the new industrial revolution, and is forcing us to take alternate routes towards the new economies and way of life.


1. Grouping the main regional players
2. Officially launch LATAM 4.0
3. Establish international agreements
4. Deploy regional strategy

Regional Strategy:

✓ Data Policy: LATAM Repository Data

✓ Regional Integration: International Agreements for the Development of AI

✓ Investment: LATAM AI Investment Fund

✓ Research: Interdisciplinary Research Network

✓ Education and Training: Training Centers for the New Industrial Revolution

✓ Industrial Application: Network of R&D Laboratories

✓ Governance: Guidance and standards for implementation

✓ Ius Digitalis: Digital Rights Protection Treaties in the new era

✓ Smart Governments: Government AI Platform for Public Administration



Mission: Promote regional integration for the development of the Latin American artificial intelligence ecosystem

Vision: We see a Latin America enhanced by international cooperation and the deployment of next-generation technologies.


Results: International agreement for ethical governance and a network for the implementation of AI-based solutions.

Technology: technology plays a decisive role in the future we build. The deployment of applied science creates the opportunity to empower society. Furthermore, the application of innovation technologies defines the foundation of new parameters that transcend processes established for past times. Today, data scientists, expert system developers, information technology architects, and other computing experts play a key role in the future of social structures.

Intelligence: Artificial Intelligence is the brain of all future technology. Through the development of knowledge engineering, we use cognitive technologies to transform our systems and empower humanity like never before. Expert systems are already used in forecasting functions, pattern recognition in large databases, machine learning, inference, and more. Latin America needs to bring together its scientists and AI entrepreneurs to define a step towards inclusion in the models that drive these times.


Governments: Governments play a fundamental role in coordinating specific actions to promote initiatives that go beyond the public. Through concrete projects that lay the institutional foundations for the development of a new economy, public officials have the opportunity to open space to a new regional ecosystem that responds to the most urgent challenges of our times. The government defines the progress of society.    


Academia: Academia plays a crucial role in educating and preparing Latin American talent to supply the demand of the new digital economy. Through scientific methodologies and research projects, the academic sector plays a decisive role in the construction of a human capital formed with the best skills and appropriate values ​​for the deployment of intelligent transformation.

Industry: The role of industries is fundamental in the evolution towards new development models. Through multisectoral coordination of the different productive areas of our countries, we are moving towards more prosperous societies and better standards of living for all. Industry leaders define improvements in investment and spending that make way for the development of cutting-edge technologies.

Enterprise: companies are the engine that drives daily economic activity. Through strategic alliances with business leadership, our region has a great opportunity to create a new industrial fabric that adheres to best practices to consolidate the new digital economy. The business movement drives economic activity, consumer behavior and influences our markets.

Cirtizenship: Citizenship is the transversal axis in all social action. As citizens, we have the duty to contribute our capacities for the benefit of the common good. Whether as a technologist, businessman, public official, social leader, or other capacity - if you feel the call to unite to solve the challenges of our peoples and build a Latin America in tune with current and future changes.



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