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Why Latin America is AI’s sleeping dragon

Actualizado: 6 nov 2022

Santo Domingo, DR.— With a diverse population over 650 million, Latin America is ideal for developing robust deep learning environments to deploy services at scale. ‘La Gran Estrategia Nacional de Inteligencia Artificial (GENIA)’ is an ambitious Inter American strategy of artificial intelligence, intended to address the growing global demand for expert systems.

GENIA, Inteligencia Artificial, Latinoamérica
GENIA Latinoamérica

“It is evident that the region (LatAm) serves as a holy grail for new subsets of Machine Learning. In fact, not only will we have access to large amounts of data, but also the opportunity to introduce Latin America in the development of the new age of technological advancements. There is no doubt that our current partners have the required computing power -or at least the resources to secure its architecture; what is needed the most is local determination and hands-on cooperation”, said Felipe Castro Quiles, GENIA’s Co-Chair.Returning from a well-ranked Silicon Valley Incubator, Castro Quiles and his partner, Jean García Periche, co-developed a master plan that leverages the rich and resourceful ethnic background of Latin America and the open and sharing culture of the Bay Area. Through the cooperation of various international organizations, the entrepreneurs have launched the first entity of its kind.

The partners addressed concerns about the technology’s path, including ethical risks, lack of gender equality, inclusion, diversity and unknown consequences. “Most of the developers of the Machine-learning algorithms that will govern the future are not considering the repercussions of developmental bias”, added Castro Quiles.

Accordingly, the entrepreneurs believe that local governments play an important role in the education, architecture, and application of knowledge engineering.

Jean García Periche stated, “And that is why we sketched the #YoSoyFuturo Artificial Intelligence Laboratories; because as an autonomous national entity, each will serve international networks of AI hubs for research and development. Our people are as capable as the Chinese, Americans, or Canadians -to mention a few- but now they will have access to top-of-the-line equipment, training, and solutions to take advantage of the cutting edge of technology.”

The couple suggested that whether AI continues to be made outside of Latin America or not, progress is unlikely to slow down. “So we will move fast to ensure a place in the creation of the future,” agreed Castro Quiles and García Periche, “a world for all and by all is on its way.” The Pilot of #YoSoyFuturo in Santo Domingo will lead regional scaling in 2020.


G.E.N.I.A. is a project that provides the institutional basis for Latin American countries to become leaders in the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The Organization firmly believes that change must be promoted from all spheres of society, and that is why the G.E.N.I.A. is composed of a series of initiatives that include the private sector, academia, civil society and the public sector. The project is aimed at creating a favorable environment for the progress of technologies and regulatory frameworks and promotes Latin American inclusion in the sustainable development of artificial intelligence models towards an abundant future for all.

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