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Asunción Sanz has more than twenty years of experience in public affairs and development in Europe, the US, Latin America and Africa. She has worked in the public and private sector with world leaders and decision-makers on education, environmental issues, technology, development, institutional relations, and public-private partnerships. Her extensive experience with not-for-profits as well as fundraising comprises different projects on behalf of USAID, Western Hemisphere international organizations and private foundations.


She managed GFDD (US-based foundation) for the president of the Dominican Republic. She also opened a Catalan cultural center in the heart of Madrid, resulting in improved mutual understanding between the Catalan autonomous community and the central government of Spain. Ms. Sanz guided South African grassroots organizations and local NGOs and other international contractors in working harmoniously with USAID. She successfully changed the skeptical national Spanish TV channel toward the U.S. into a new professional relationship, leading to more balanced media coverage of the U.S.; has created, developed and implemented an environmental film festival to spread environmental awareness among disenfranchised youth, academia, experts and activists in the Dominican Republic as well as an international film festival.


Fluent in five languages she holds a degree in Translation and Interpretation from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and further training in public affairs and international relations, legal issues, and intercultural understanding.

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