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The revolution of all


Product of creation,
The free machine learns,
But sweat is no longer training.

The machine, as a new engine of progress, shall be instructed by all. She reveals cognitive abilities that open a new age in the development of life.

In just six decades, artificial intelligence has reached a milestone that took evolution
millions of years to accomplish, and until recently was only believed as human;


The ability to solve abstract problems.

However, like any complex system, to function optimally, this technology requires
integrating every part into the whole. However, history shows a regression towards
repressive procedures, dominated by the bias of the centralization.

In turn, the autonomy that characterizes the new wave of artificial intelligence represents
humanity transcendence towards structures that operate in another order. The danger of
ignoring plural criteria inclusion, threatens the abilities of autonomous systems destined to
govern our way of life.

Trusting the marginalized sectors capacity of overtaking a revolution of all, gives future
generations a new horizon embodied by abundance and prosperity. It will only be possible to discern the best path if we involve every sector in society.

Abundance only exists in diversity.

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