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An AI Superpower Emerges:


In the unfolding narrative of global technology, Latin America is emerging as a pivotal player in the AI revolution. Anchored by the innovative LATAM 4.0 Project, the region's potential to enhance data value, economic might, and geopolitical influence is reshaping the contours of global AI development. Latin America's abundant data resources, economic significance, and role in international governance positions it as a formidable partner in AI's competitive landscape. GENIA is shaping Latin America’s AI ecosystem, by playing a leading role in structuring LATAM 4.0 regional AI ecosystem, a multi-stakeholder coalition to implement the first Regional AI Strategy in the Western Hemisphere.


Abundant Data Resources:

Latin America's colossal population, exceeding 650 million, presents an unparalleled treasure trove of data – the lifeblood of AI systems and a fundamental resource for driving their development and efficacy. As AI continues to advance, the availability of vast and diverse datasets that the region can offer becomes increasingly crucial for refining algorithms, training models, and ensuring robust performance across a spectrum of applications. This data not only offers quantitative superiority but also a qualitative advantage, encompassing a myriad of cultures, languages, and socioeconomic scenarios. By realizing the full potential of this data, GENIA discovers responsible data practices that address both challenges and opportunities for the Americas in the new industrial age. By harnessing this treasure trove judiciously, AI systems can be nurtured to better understand, adapt to, and serve the unique needs of the region, while simultaneously contributing to the global evolution of artificial intelligence.


Economic Significance and Market Potential:

The convergence of Latin America's projected AI market of USD $500 billion by 2030 and a cumulative GDP surpassing USD $5 trillion amplifies its economic relevance. This confluence positions Latin America as a fertile ground for AI investment and innovation, sparking economic growth and job creation. This economic power bolsters Latin America's stance as a burgeoning AI superpower on the world stage. Latin America’s startup ecosystem, attracting over USD $20 billion in annual venture capital, and its rapid tech growth underscore its role as a key player in the race for technological supremacy.

The Geopolitical Relevance of Latin America.

The Geopolitical Relevance of Latin America:

With over 20 states wielding substantial voting power in organizations like the United Nations (UN), the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and the World Bank, Latin America holds the potential to wield influence over global AI governance, influencing norms, policies, and human rights considerations. The region's collective voice in shaping AI regulations can tip the balance of international AI norms, placing Latin America at the forefront of discussions that will shape the future of AI and technology worldwide.  

LATAM Ecosystem.

GENIA: A Pioneer in LATAM's AI Landscape:

GENIA is a pioneering research and development (R&D) regional platform with the mission of including Latin America into the global development of Artificial Intelligence. Formed at Singularity University, NASA Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley, GENIA has established a robust foundation of initiatives and collaborations that position it as an undeniable leader in shaping the AI landscape in Latin America and beyond. GENIA works with governments, multilateral banks, universities, and a network of private sector organizations in multiple countries in the region to develop inclusive AI systems. Additionally, GENIA’s commitment to shaping Latin America’s future is exemplified through its network of AI Hubs, known as #YoSoyFuturo. These hubs serve as epicenters for human talent development, research, and industrial applications.

LATAM AI Ecosystem.

LATAM 4.0: A Multi-Stakeholder Coalition for Regional AI Strategy:

GENIA's visionary approach is exemplified by its creation of LATAM 4.0, a groundbreaking multi-stakeholder coalition consisting of private sector entities, government bodies, academic institutions, and civil society organizations. This initiative establishes the first-ever Regional AI Strategy in the Western Hemisphere, harnessing the diverse data resources unique to the region. By integrating marginalized perspectives into AI systems, the region can bolster its AI research, development, and deployment efforts, elevating its global technological leadership.

Expanding LATAM 4.0's Reach Across Latin America

Expanding LATAM 4.0's Reach Across Latin America:

GENIA’s dedication to regional advancement has recently manifested through a significant partnership with the Presidency of the Dominican Republic. This collaboration aims to extend the reach of LATAM 4.0's transformative impact across Latin America. Moreover, GENIA is working with the Central American Bank of Economic Integration (CABEI) to expand LATAM 4.0 to encompass eight countries in the coming months, with the vision of integrating all of Latin America’s democracies into one single AI ecosystem.

Catalyzing Scientific and Technological Collaboration

Catalyzing Scientific and Technological Collaboration:

GENIA structured and is playing an instrumental role in pushing the Latin American Council of Innovation and Knowledge (CLIC). This institution is intended to foster regional research and development. With the potential to become a global benchmark for scientific cooperation, CLIC unites Latin America's scientific, technological, and industrial communities. 

Championing the Regional AI Strategy in the Americas

Championing the Regional AI Strategy in the Americas:

GENIA's leadership is also evident on the global stage. GENIA most recently introduced and championed the project of the Regional AI Strategy on Capitol Hill, and supported the drafting of H.Res.649 of 08/08/2023, which has been referred to the Committee on Foreign Affairs, and the Committee on Science, Space, and Technology - “Calling on the United States to champion a regional artificial intelligence strategy in the Americas to foster inclusive artificial intelligence systems that combat biases within marginalized groups and promote social justice, economic well-being, and democratic values.” A Regional AI Strategy in the Americas, which harnesses the richness of diverse datasets, is the linchpin for securing and strengthening western values and leadership in the fiercely competitive industrial race.

In the intense rivalry among nations for global AI influence, which must benefit everyone in this new industrial age driven by autonomous systems and interconnectivity, regional partnerships are poised to be a game-changer. The interplay of data abundance, economic potential, and geopolitical influence positions Latin America as a strategic ally in shaping the future of AI. By embracing GENIA’s regional AI strategy, the region can ensure inclusive development while securing ethical guidelines that support western values and its position at the forefront of technological innovation.

GENIA - For you, with you

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Intelligent transformation

GENIA is committed to creating a future that benefits all people and recognizes the importance of Latin America in shaping that future. We understand that the region has a great history and culture, and we seek to incorporate that knowledge into decision-making processes towards the fourth industrial revolution. Our goal is to work with local communities, businesses and governments to identify opportunities for growth and development. We believe that by harnessing the unique talent and perspectives of Latin America, we can create a more equitable and prosperous future for all. Our company is committed to building solid alliances in LATAM and investing in its people, infrastructure and economy. Together we can build a better world for all generations to come.

Our systems are built on three key 
AI Diplomacy
World Map

Today, we measure our individual freedom by the autonomy of the choices and decisions we make. But we use data to provide us with information to guide these decisions, and whatever we decide, generates data.

Your freedom, essentially, depends on the independence of this data - and the processing and distribution methods and techniques, both before, and after, it reaches you.

GENIA Latinoamérica recognizes that maintaining this independence will increasingly become more difficult, especially in areas of the globe where citizens have no voice in how their data is gathered and distributed.  

For this reason, GENIA promotes inclusion, foremost, in the sustainable development of artificial intelligence towards an abundant future for all. Our group aims to enhance humanity by properly training inclusive expert systems that recognize and promote autonomy and individual freedoms.

We work to make sure underrepresented regions end up becoming developers of this technology, and not just users. To do this, we are first building Latin American Artificial Intelligence (AI) research & development alliances.

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