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Intelligent transformation

GENIA is committed to creating a future that benefits all people and recognizes the importance of Latin America in shaping that future. We understand that the region has a great history and culture, and we seek to incorporate that knowledge into decision-making processes towards the fourth industrial revolution. Our goal is to work with local communities, businesses and governments to identify opportunities for growth and development. We believe that by harnessing the unique talent and perspectives of Latin America, we can create a more equitable and prosperous future for all. Our company is committed to building solid alliances in LATAM and investing in its people, infrastructure and economy. Together we can build a better world for all generations to come.

Our systems are built on three key 
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Today, we measure our individual freedom by the autonomy of the choices and decisions we make. But we use data to provide us with information to guide these decisions, and whatever we decide, generates data.

Your freedom, essentially, depends on the independence of this data - and the processing and distribution methods and techniques, both before, and after, it reaches you.

GENIA Latinoamérica recognizes that maintaining this independence will increasingly become more difficult, especially in areas of the globe where citizens have no voice in how their data is gathered and distributed.  

For this reason, GENIA promotes inclusion, foremost, in the sustainable development of artificial intelligence towards an abundant future for all. Our group aims to enhance humanity by properly training inclusive expert systems that recognize and promote autonomy and individual freedoms.

We work to make sure underrepresented regions end up becoming developers of this technology, and not just users. To do this, we are first building Latin American Artificial Intelligence (AI) research & development alliances.

Through the participation and collaboration of governments, international development organizations, global inter-American companies, and local academic institutions, we are building a network of artificial intelligence laboratories equipped with the appropriate resources to train, research, develop, and apply, artificial intelligence to current and futuristic challenges.

Inter-American Network of Autonomous
Artificial Intelligence Laboratories                        >>>
AI Diplomacy
Statecraft on the future of human-machine civilization      >>>

AI Diplomacy sets in motion international agreements for the formation and execution of artificial intelligence initiatives. This new field puts artificial intelligence as a strategic priority for the international development agenda. By applying novel approaches to foreign affairs, it pursues scientific and commercial activities that enable international stakeholders to move beyond traditional diplomacy in the Age of AI.


AI Diplomacy.png

Yaya transforms the concept of smart cities and highlights the best of Latin America and the Caribbean. Its regional interconnectivity and architectural modernism present the only international collaboration platform for the work, management and maintenance of citizen information networks.

Smart Cities
Concept transformation highlighting the best of LATAM      >>>

LATAM FUND For AI Development brings together:

A) Deep tech, infrastructure &
telecommunications investors focused on
Latin America.
B) Regional Governments and public sector.
C) Top-tier academic institutions, AI scientists &
AI engineers.

Impact Investing
"to establish a strong LATAM AI development ecosystem”    >>>
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