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Meet the Public Benefit Corporation guiding the future of AI in Latin America

Actualizado: 6 nov 2022

The ever-growing Artificial Intelligence (AI) influence on the transformation of socioeconomic behavior has driven multiple countries to map out a route to becoming AI powerhouses. In fact, the development of such an influential technology to the future of life is being centralized without international watch or guidelines. This is why a group of experts from various subjects has taken the task of drafting the First Regional AI Strategy.

Composed by Latin American experts of multiple backgrounds, GENIA Latinoamérica bets on the power of inclusion and diversity. Moreover, GENIA --an acronym for Gran Estrategia Nacional de Inteligencia Artificial & the Spanish equivalent of Great National Artificial Intelligence Strategy-- guides the most vulnerable countries of the world into creating a consolidated front in favor of integrating those states that could become vulnerable with the development of centralized expert systems or decentralized biased AI.

Additionally, GENIA aims to:

1. Boost the creation of new data policies.

2. Secure the research and development of AI.

3. Train and educate citizens on the subject.

4. Apply industrial solutions.

5. Guarantee regulation and ethics.

6. Include every sector of society in the process of sparking the fourth industrial revolution in the region.

Ultimately, with a population of over 650 million inhabitants, GENIA Latinoamérica promotes the evolution of our systems to improve the quality of life for Latin American population and raise levels of equity, equality and fairness.

About GENIA:

Artificial Intelligence has become the engine of an industrial revolution in which a new era unfolds. However, our region lacks representation in the development of this technology. In this way, the application of expert systems moves away from the true potential of its applications - by omitting your identity, inclusion and diversity in its processes.

Thus, GENIA Latin America: puts into action the research and development of Artificial Intelligence through its Network of Inter-American Artificial Intelligence Laboratories.

§ It manages the first regional artificial intelligence strategy in the world.

§ It promotes solutions to optimize the performance of industries and increases production levels in the countries of the region.

§ It gathers the resources necessary for Latin America to join a future where you are the center.

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